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Insurance Information:

Members of The Pony Club are covered by Third Party Public Liability Insurance up to £30 million. This cover exists 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Members are insured for legal liability for any accidental bodily injury or property damage caused to a Third Party arising out of the use or keeping of their own or a borrowed or hired horse or pony, provided that the horse or pony is primarily for the use of the Member. The cover extends to cover anyone riding a Member’s horse or pony with the Member’s (or parent’s) permission if they have no cover elsewhere. (The Pony Club’s existing Liability Insurance Policy runs until June 30, 2012. It is the firm intention of The Pony Club to renew the Policy, subject to acceptable terms being offered by the underwriters).

The £30 million Liability Insurance cover provided to Pony Club Members represents outstanding value. If a child were to be knocked down by a horse, and suffered permanent injury, the compensation awarded by the courts could exceed £10 million. Since the typical Household Insurance Policy has a maximum Public Liability limit of £2 million, with cover more specifi cally designed for small domestic animals and the policy conditions being much more restrictive than under the Pony Club Policy, the owner of the horse could well be facing personal bankruptcy if they rely on a Household Policy for their Liability Insurance.

A full Policy Summary is available from our website

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