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Team Selection/ Branch representation  

The Garth Hunt Branch of the Pony Club Selection Policy for Area & National Competitions

1. Introduction

1.1 During the summer months, there are special Pony Club (“PC”) competitions for all the principal disciplines. These are called “Area” competitions and involve individuals and teams competing against other PC Branches in Area 13.

1.2 Individuals and teams that are highly placed at Area can qualify for (a) The Pony Club National Championships; (b) The National Tetrathlon Championships; (c) The Regional Championships; and (d) Zone Finals (for Mounted Games). They are highly prestigious and are considered to be the peak of the competitive year for all PC members.

1.3 The standard at all of these competitions is high, so it is important that those representing Garth Hunt are both well prepared and capable of achieving the standard. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all riders and mounts are capable of the task for which they are being selected; to ensure that teams are selected in an open and fair process; and to ensure that any issues raised during the process are managed in a fair, courteous and transparent process.


2. The Selection Process

Whenever Garth Hunt makes entries for Area competitions, the individuals and team will be selected in accordance with the following policy:

2.1 All team selection will be done as openly and fairly as possible. Team selection is a yearround process and members are invited to express an interest in representing the branch at Regional, Zone and Area level.


2.2 In order to be considered for selection to compete at Area competitions and above, members and their horse/pony must have actively taken part in a minimum of three Rallies/Qualifying Coaching/Training Sessions since 1st July in the previous year. Attendance at summer camps will also count towards this.


2.3 In the interests of clarity, to be eligible, each horse/pony and member combination wishing to be considered for a team must have completed the three sessions stated at 2.2 above together.


2.4 In order to be considered for any team, members must regularly attend training rallies and show commitment to the branch. Selection will take into account both the commitment of the individual and their performance in previous competitions, at rallies and in training. Members putting themselves forward for selection are 2 encouraged to provide evidence of their competition results to the relevant team managers. Members are advised to maintain a record of all competitions at which they compete, and this record should be updated regularly and made available for the team manager, District Commissioner(s), and instructors. Please record venue, date, class, class size, and results


2.5 Final team selection will be made by the relevant team managers in consultation with the regular team trainers and the District Commissioner(s). Where possible, an inclusive policy will be adopted but parents and children should respect any final decision made by the selectors.


2.6 The Pony Club’s Conflict of Interest Policy will be adhered to when making team selections.


2.7 Any team selection and entries for other events outside Regional/Zone/Area qualifiers will conform to the same branch policy. Members should be aware that, in cases where the rules allow, qualifying team members for Area/Championship competitions may be subject to change at the discretion of the team manager/District Commissioner(s).


2.8 Parents and families will be expected to support branch activities through volunteering and should demonstrate an interest in and a commitment to the branch, unless prevented from doing so by illness, absence from home or any other reason which in the opinion of the District Commissioner(s) justifies absence.


2.9 You must be available to compete at National or Regional Championships should you qualify. Please check the dates before you put yourselves forward for the Area competition. They can be found on the PCUK website.


3. Vaccinations, Passports, Code of Conduct & Whips


3.1 It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that their horse/pony has been vaccinated against Equine Influenza correctly and in accordance with Pony Club rules, and in compliance with any specific competition or venue regulations.


3.2 Passports should always accompany your horse/pony to competitions at all levels and will be inspected.


3.3 It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that their hat and body protector are compliant with the relevant rules.


3.4 All competitors are expected to have familiarised themselves with the relevant Pony Club Rulebook for the discipline in which they are competing. These can be accessed online on the Pony Club website.


3.5 All members are expected to comply with the Pony Club Code of Conduct for Members. 


3.6 All parents and guardians are expected to comply with the Pony Club Code of Conduct for Parents & Guardians.


3.7 Officials, volunteers and coaches are also expected to behave in accordance with their relevant codes of conduct.


3.8 Members are responsible for making themselves aware of any whip rules, spur rules, gun and safety rules governing the discipline in which they are competing. For the current Pony Club general guidelines on Team Selection Policy, see HERE


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