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We are always in need of more volunteers, committee members and general helpers! Please contact Catherine Turner if you can offer any help.

In addition to the satisfaction of helping, numerous young people get the most out of their involvement with horses and ponies, many of The Pony Club’s helpers enjoy the social aspect of getting involved with the equestrian community. Several take maximum advantage of the opportunities available, to learn new skills such as fence building, website management and computer communications, risk assessment, first aid, basic principles of instruction and much much more.

If you have a spare day in the school holidays, a spare hour in your week or even a few minutes each day, there may be a way for you to support your Branch. Why not contact your local Branch today through the Branch Websites.

The Pony Club is funded predominately by Membership subscriptions, fundraising activities, such as shows and events, and commercial sponsorship. The cost of organising Pony Club activities increases every year, not least because of increases in the cost of insurance premiums. We would like to continue to play our valuable role within equestrianism without necessarily having to increase the cost of subscription annually. We would be delighted if you could help us to achieve this by donating whatever financial gifts you are able to set aside on our behalf. Contact The Pony Club Head Office for information about gift aid donations.

Pony Club is dependent upon the generosity of our volunteers and benefactors for the smooth running of its activities. We welcome new volunteers with open arms!

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